Project / “Exploration” Artworks
Client / Pica Magazine
February 2018

Each year, Pica Magazine launches a new theme, aiming to inspire a large community of designers to create experimental and innovative content. 
For their 10th anniversary’s edition, I submitted two pieces that ended up in the selection for that year. The theme was Exploration, which I interpreted differently in the 2 pieces.


In the 1rst piece, the exploration took place in the process. The process was to be inspired by accidents, without judgement, and see if they could lead to new ways of creating. This was my first experiment mixing clay with digital illustration, which has been in my practice ever since.


Amour Libre
In the 2nd piece, the concept of exploration was present in the narrative, in an illustrative piece about polyamory and open romantic relationships. 

Thanks Pica ︎ !