Le Séisme/Centre de Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui
Science Up First
Le Moins! Newspaper
Échl Magazine
LeCulte Magazine
Pica Magazine
La Ciguë Coop

3900 Theater Magazine Cover,
Le Séisme + Centre du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui, 2023

“The Elements”
Personal Work, 2023

Surrealist Series (Personal Work), 2023

“Out of Water”,
Surrealist Series (Personal Work), 2023

“Incubating Inner Growth”,
Surrealist Series (Personal Work), 2023

“ Plants as doorways to perceptions”
Personal Work, 2023

“Metaverse” & “Transactions” illustrations,
RareCircles, Montréal, 2022

“Nature’s Last Kiss”, (on Climate Change and our oil-dependant systems),
Personal Work, 2022

“As Monarchs Migrate”,
Personal Illustration on ecology and migrations, 2022 (Available for licensing)

“Secret Forest Medicine”
Personal Illustration on medicinal plants and foraging, 2022 (Available for licensing)

“Honesty in Sciences” Illustration,
Science Up First, Toronto, 2021.

“Mental health and virtual realities”, ︎︎︎ (swipe)
LeMoins! Newspaper,
Geneva, 2020

“Repères” (On personal/collective urban points of reference),
Échelles Magazine, Montréal, 2020 

“The fragility of life” (Covid article), ︎︎︎
LeMoins! Newspaper,
Geneva, 2020

“Covid, an international health crisis”, ︎︎︎
LeMoins! Newspaper,
Geneva, 2020

“Poussée Tentaculaire” (on viruses),︎︎︎
LeCulte Magazine, Montréal, 2019.

“The administrative counsel”, Editorial illustrations,︎︎︎
La Ciguë Housing Cooperative, Geneva, 2020. 

“Trajectoires” and “Amour Libre”,︎︎︎
Pica Magazine 10, Montréal, 2018.

“Midnight Tale”
Personal Work, 2022