Costume Records
GIA Restaurant
Frimat Festival
Debaser Music
It’s Nice Mgmt
La Centrale Gallery

Radio Show Poster (Best Albums of 2022),
CISM, Montréal, 2022.

“BODEGA @ ISO” Electronic Music Event Poster,
BODEGA, Amsterdam, 2022.

“Exordium to Extasy” Show poster for Barry Paquin Roberge,
Costume Records, Montréal, 2022.

Restaurant Opening Posters,
Gia Restaurant, Montréal, 2022.

Festival Poster,
Frimat, Festival de Musique Indépendante, Val d’Or, Témiscamingue, 2022

Ondes en Plein Air, Festival Poster ︎︎︎
Debaser, Ottawa, 2020

Tour Poster (Story Version),
It’s Nice Mgmt (Alex Nicol), 2022

Member’s Festival Poster, 
La Centrale Art Gallery, 2022