Hospedaje Los Tendales, Mayascon, Peru

Hospedaje Los Tendales, Mural Project
Hacienda Mayascon, Peru

Host to a wonderful natural site of mountains, forest and lagoons, Mayascon has recently become a tourist destination (2017). The lagoons were discovered and made accessible by Pastor Heredia, a local citizen who made it his life’s mission to care for Mayascon’s nature. In last 10 years, with the help of the local population, Pastor has made the natural reserve accessible to a wider public, to share its beauty with visitors, both Peruvian and International. This man’s contribution to the natural site granted him a medal of honor for his effort of guardianship and nature conservation. 
Pastor’s son, Juan Heredia, newly opened the hostel “Hospedaje Los Tendales”, and in commemoration of his dad’s hard work to care for the lagoons, fawn and flora of the region, we felt it would be a beautiful tribute to make a mural in his memory. The final result portrays Pastor and the fawna and flora of the “Jagueyes” of Mayascon. The mural conveys the presence of butterflies, birds and lizards in the region, as well as various plants, such as cactuses and cacao trees.

* For reference on different species of plants and animals portrayed in the mural, a few original photos of the region are attached.


Art Direction, Illustration, Logo Design, Painting & Lettering, Photography
© Chloé Biocca
Assistance with Painting
Jose Vera